Welcome 2iQ to Crux!

Very excited to welcome @2iqresearch and their insider transactions data onto the Crux Supplier Network! Their datasets cover a universe of over 8.1M transactions from over 200k insiders across a universe of 60k stocks in 50 countries. Learn more here.

Welcome trueDigital to Crux!

We’re delighted to announce that trueDigital and their global digital finance platform has joined the Crux supplier network! trueDigital’s platform will provide institutional investors with OTC cryptocurrency reference rates. Learn more here.

Welcome Morningstar to Crux!

Thrilled to share that Morningstar has joined the Crux Supplier Network as a leading provider of independent investment research to the industry. Morningstar is bringing its mutual fund reference and return data to the platform. Read more here.

Welcome Stoxx to Crux!

We’re excited to announce that Stoxx has joined the Crux supplier network, bringing their suite of global indices to the platform. Stoxx is a leading global multi-asset index provider, covering 95% of the world’s investable market cap across developed and emerging markets. Learn more here.

Welcome RavenPack to Crux!

We’re delighted to announce that RavenPack has joined the Crux Supplier Network. RavenPack uses Natural Language Processing methods that converts news and social media into Sentiment Data to gather insights, from stocks to key business and political figures. Learn more here.

Welcome Financial Calendar to Crux!

Announcing that Swaps Monitor Publications and their Financial Calendar product have joined the Crux Supplier Network! Covering holidays, trading hours, expiry dates, time zones and economic events, they use intensive research, a heavy technology investment and constant maintenance to deliver the highest standards of accuracy. Learn more here.

Welcome Revelio Labs to Crux!

We’re delighted to announce that Revelio Labs joined the Crux Supplier Network. Their datasets leverage AI methods to create structured & accurate representations of raw labor data contained in hundreds of millions of resumes, profiles, and job postings. Learn more here.