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“RepRisk is pleased to expand the accessibility of our data through our newfound partnership with Crux Informatics. Our dataset is unique in the ESG industry: AI and machine learning empower its size and scale, while human intelligence adds depth and relevance – providing an unbroken time series of high quality data that can be used for rigorous back-testing and quantitative analysis. This partnership will significantly streamline delivery of our data and give clients an expanded capacity to integrate ESG.”

– Dr. Philipp Aeby, RepRisk CEO

RepRisk delivered by Crux! RepRisk is a global leader and pioneer in data science, specializing in premium ESG and business conduct risk research and quantitative solutions.

RepRisk systematically flags and monitors material ESG risks and violations of international standards that can have reputational, compliance, and financial impacts on a company. RepRisk offers quantitative risk research and proprietary risk metrics for more than 140,000 companies, from every sector and market: The RepRisk Index (RRI) dynamically captures and quantifies reputational risk exposure related to ESG Issues, and the RepRisk Rating (RRR), a letter rating (AAA to D) that facilitates benchmarking and integration of ESG and business conduct risks, as well as other metrics such as the UN Global Compact Violator Flag. Its research scope is comprised by 28 ESG issues and ESG hot topics such as forced labor, fraud, water scarcity, and tobacco. By analyzing information from public sources and stakeholders and intentionally excluding company self-disclosures, combined with a transparent, rules-based methodology and daily updates, RepRisk provides consistent, timely, and actionable data. For more than a decade, leading organizations around the world rely on RepRisk as their key due diligence solution to prevent and mitigate ESG and business conduct risks related to their operations, business relationships, and investments.

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