One of Crux’s core values is humility. We believe that being humble is a healthier approach for us than braggadocio or declaring superiority.

We are extremely proud of our vision and our accomplishments to date, but we are not prideful. Fundamentally, we believe that our work is much needed by customers and that we can provide real benefits when we humbly focus on our clients’ needs.  We believe that true humility is a consequence of a quiet confidence in one’s own capabilities.

We believe in the value of expertise, and we humbly accept that we don’t know everything we should. So we work continually to learn all we can and to further our capabilities, to become the foremost experts in the world at what we do.

Ultimately, we approach our work as humble data plumbers. It’s our role to build, operate, and maintain data pipelines that help make our clients’ and partners’ lives easier. At the end of the day, we’re here to delight customers. That’s our mission.


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