Being a Learning Organization

We have a number of core company values which guide how we operate and how we see ourselves at Crux. One of these key values is to be a learning organization.

We are committed to becoming the hands-down best at what we do in the world, but we also acknowledge that we don’t know everything. We bridge these two beliefs by approaching each challenge as a learning opportunity for our organization. This means we believe it’s okay not to know a particular thing right now, but we believe it’s absolutely not okay to then fail to go learn that thing.

We are willing to experiment, in risk-managed ways, to try things out, and most importantly, to listen very carefully to what our customers, our partners, our investors, and the broader market are telling us (through their words and actions.) We analyze what we hear thoughtfully, and we incorporate our learnings explicitly and immediately into how we think and operate.

Succeeding at being a learning organization requires being open and curious, having the confidence to know that you can learn new things to get past challenges, being agile in how you react to new learnings, and being dedicated to the idea that ongoing learning is necessary to achieve excellence.


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