Inside Market Data: Industry Heavyweights Unveil Startup ‘Data Wrangler’ Crux, Raise $10M Funding

Originally published November 8, 2017 at Inside Market Data

Author: Max Bowie

“I had the idea that there was an opportunity in the market that was not being met. At Bloomberg, Google and Thomson Reuters, I was on the supply side of the market. I saw the burden that companies faced in trying to make use of data—and nobody was stepping up to help clients with this,” he says. “So late last year, I started getting serious about it, and spent this year getting started, finding the right partners, getting people involved, talking to clients, creating the product and testing it with the market. We tried to listen to clients about where their pain points are.”
These pain points tended to be around identifying and integrating new sources of data and processing it in such a way as to be useful to firms. To address these challenges, Crux’s offering comprises three core areas: a “supplier network” of data sources that allows potential users to find, evaluate and procure new content via an online portal; a managed “data engineering concierge” service that leverages Crux’s team of data scientists and engineers to clean, normalize and transform raw data from those sources into “actionable” formats specific to each client; and its informatics platform—a “secure and scalable” cloud environment in which firms can analyze that transformed data in different ways, share it with other applications via a suite of APIs, and control who can access it via granular entitlements.


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