Business Insider: A startup that wants to help Wall Street clean its data just landed $10 million in funding

Originally published November 8, 2017 at Business Insider 

Author: Frank Chapparo

“However, acquiring data, storing it, and then making sense of it, is a timely process for many firms and often draws resources away from actually figuring out ways to execute strategies based off the data you have. Brittan said he wants to take that non-differentiated grunt work off the hands of Wall Street’s hedge funds, banks, and private equity firms.

“Just like how a logistics firm helps manufacturing company orchestrate supply chains, we are orchestrating the supply chain of data,” Brittan said.

As such, Crux doesn’t just connect its customers with data from providers. Instead, it aims to help guide clients through the entire data supply chain, from acquiring data from providers to cleaning and preparing the data to then packaging it to clients in a way that’s relevant for them.”


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