Dataset & Product Features Newsletter | July 30, 2020

July 30, 2020

New Datasets and Product Features

July 30, 2020

  • • We have signed over 95 data suppliers! 2 new data suppliers are highlighted below
  • • In the past month, we've on-boarded 20+ datasets from 5 unique data suppliers. A selection of newly onboarded datasets can be found below.
  • • We are now delivering into the Snowflake Data Marketplace. Read more about our partnership below.

New Data Suppliers

The Accern platform enables data teams to build and deploy AI solutions powered by their adaptive NLP and forecasting features. Among the datasets and models Accern will make available on Crux are their AI Powered ESG Insights & Analytics, Credit Insights & Analytics (negative news about credit events such as defaults, bankruptcy, covenant default, debt restructuring, rating downgrades, lawsuits, among others), and Financial Filings Insights & Analytics (extracts and quantifies key information and events related to financial performance, compliance, litigation, corporate activities, product development, governance changes, and more).

ISS ESG is the responsible investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services. The ISS ESG datasets that will be available on Crux are its Carbon & Climate Impact Data, Director Data, ESG Corporate Rating, Executive Compensation Data, Governance QualityScore, and SDG Impact Rating. Coverage comprises thousands of companies in dozens of global markets. 

New Datasets Available

New datasets added and now available:

  • • GfK Point of Sale Data |  PC Components
New datasets added and now available:
  • • MSCI Barra Risk Models | Barra Europe Equity Derived - UK Model
  • • Additional Barra Risk Models

Product Features & Updates

Crux is now delivering into the Snowflake Data Marketplace and Snowflake client accounts.

As we continue to improve access and accelerate delivery of data across the industry, we are excited to be working with Snowflake to expand data delivery reach and flexibility.

Data suppliers can now leverage Crux’s infrastructure and delivery capabilities to distribute into the Snowflake Data Marketplace and into pre-authorized Snowflake customer accounts.

Read more about our partnership here.

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